Chip's Vision for Hernando

My vision for our city is to protect Hernando’s quality of life, ensure that our property values are protected, and provide a place that every citizen of Hernando is proud to call home. I plan to use my experience and leadership skills to move our city forward by promoting and preserving the highest standards for Hernando. It is also important to maintain high standards and expectations for Customer Service and to treat every citizen with respect.

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in profound and unprecedented ways. It is safe to say that most all of us have been affected by Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic has hammered local small businesses vital to our economy. Hernando’s small businesses are in a vulnerable position. Loans may help many of them in the short run. But when the crisis is over, many businesses will have already permanently shut their doors. These impacts on small businesses have broad economic effects for at least two reasons. One, small businesses are an important avenue for economic mobility; they allow enterprising individuals to become economically independent. Two, small businesses employ nearly half of the US labor force and are a major source of US job creation and productivity growth.  They reinforce the direction of growth or contraction of the entire economy. How our small businesses recover from this pandemic will likely determine the pace of the national economic recovery. We need to strongly support our locally owned small businesses.


Public Safety

Chip wants to ensure that all Hernandoans enjoy a safe community. As much as we would like to believe that we are a safe community and don’t need more police presence, the reality is that if we continue falling behind on fully staffing and funding our police department like we have over the past 3.5 years, we will no longer be a safe community. Neighboring cities like Memphis, TN and Jackson, MS did not make public safety a priority and we clearly see what has happened to them. Hernando needs an experienced leader, now! Chip supports fully staffing, educating and funding our law enforcement, EMS and Fire Department. Chip supports a safe community!



A great city needs a great school system, and a great school system needs the support of a great city and that includes the mayor’s office. The two go hand-in-hand, and Chip understands that strengthening and improving our local economy begins with ensuring that our children have access to the highest quality education. Hernando schools rank among the highest in the state of Mississippi. Chip has always been an avid supporter of our local schools and could often be found reading to the children in the classroom, attending award ceremonies and showing his support. He genuinely believes that the children are the future leaders of Hernando. He traveled to Natchez with the award-winning Hernando High School Band and acted as the master of ceremonies during their performance. Chip started the first ever Hernando Mayor’s Youth Council and many of these students have gone on to become leaders. With a rapidly growing population, he intends to work even harder to engage with the teachers, students and their families when he is reelected.


City Finances and Services

Hernando is at a financial crossroads. The city is rapidly growing and needs infrastructure improvements to keep pace with the growth. Hernando has always been stretched thin on providing adequate infrastructure with the funds we have available. Most people are not aware that the City of Hernando has obligated over 3 Million dollars of our money to help fund the new warehouse being built on Highway 51. The warehouse is also being excused from paying property taxes for many years. Although this was a bad deal for Hernando, it is now going to have to be paid for. While mayor, Chip presented twelve BALANCED budgets to the Board of Aldermen. His experience running a successful business and the city for a combined 27 years makes him uniquely qualified to work with the Board of Aldermen to clean up this financial mess that we are about to be saddled with.

A great city is a reflection of its people. But unless a city invests in all of its people, true greatness will always elude it. Customer service is on the forefront and often times the face of the City. It is vital that we provide adequate customer service training for city staff and give them an accessible Mayor that will lead by example.

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